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I designed my law firm from the ground up to use an almost completely paperless and efficient workflow based on the concept of task management. I looked at Salesforce as a CRM provider and I was really disappointed with their product. So I wrote my own web application that I now offer to other lawyers as well. I call it Lightning Link.

The concept of the task

When you get down to it, a task is a collection of a discrete series of steps needed to accomplish a desired result. The CRM I wrote is based on the concept of the task and the ability to describe, assign, revise, and complete tasks. The system also has the ability to automatically track task loads and completion by individual, group, or firm, and it provides a handy pie chart of estimated earnings from pending tasks. Here is what our system looks like in actual use:

Personally, I love the ability to sort by any column, but Precedence is the best because it gives you a continuum of tasks sorted first by color, then by due date. On this screen, we've let the deadlines slip quite a bit, but these are soft deadlines anyway.

Eventually, billing will all be done in the CRM and bills will be generated automatically.


Last updated: July 6, 2018

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