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I arrived at new student orientation in 2002 with a lot of excitement and optimism. I was also looking forward to living in San Francisco like so many other people in my peer group. This was supposed to be the next stage of my life, and be a good one. Nothing could be further from the truth.


I performed horribly in the first year of law school, made about one real friend, and had a really difficult time. I contemplated quitting multiple times, but I forced myself to stick with it. Looking back, I really should have done something else after just "not getting it" for the entire first year. Contrary to school policy, I worked on the side doing computer programming. That was also a mistake, but who could blame me? I had to have something to do that I was good at. I kept wanting to move to San Francisco but I couldn't afford it, so I lived at home with the folks.


I did better in the second year, mainly because I got a job on campus doing computer programming. I spent way, way more time doing my campus job than studying, because it was enjoyable compared to the legal work and quite fulfilling.


I did a lot better in my third year and continued working on campus. The year flew by because I was so busy. I failed miserably at on campus interviewing, so I graduated with no job lined up.

The Bar exam

I spent two months studying like crazy. Bar/Bri was an excellent review course and worth the money. Honestly, the bar review course was the first time I ever learned how to write a law school/bar exam essay, because they never taught us how to do that in law school. No wonder I did so badly.

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