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The future

We want to be the best ever law firm in terms of service to clients and responsiveness to clients. This has a few prerequisites and requirements. First, my cell phone number is on every web page on the website, and clients all get my cell phone number. This lets me be the most responsive possible attorney to client inquiries. However, it has also required me to become an expert at triage and delegation.

Triage is accomplished by prioritizing inquiries into basically three levels of precedence: immediate, priority, and routine. I don't actually call them immediate, priority, or routine; it's more like a sense of how urgent matters are. A client's bank account being frozen would be immediate. A client needing numbers for an upcoming mediation would be priority. A client asking for an accounting of his trust balance would be routine.

Delegation is accomplished by evaluating who the best person is to do a particular task in terms of the value of time and the deadline. Basically, other than deadlines associated with a motion or discovery responses, there are no hard deadlines in my firm. Making hard deadlines would artificially control workflow and seriously impact the agreeableness of the office. So in our CRM system, I have written four levels of precedence: red, orange, green, and black. I also provide soft deadlines for each task. That way, if someone's screen starts piling up with red and orange tasks, they know they have a lot to do. It's not exactly a video game, but it is pretty fun checking off the tasks as complete and seeing them drop off the page, following by automated emails notifying the handler that the task is approved.


Last updated: July 6, 2018

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