A free practice guide for lawyers

Hot topics:

Substance abuse and health concerns

Trust account management

Money and how to make more of it

Clothing, accessories, and cars

Dealing with opposing counsel's personality disorders

Lightning Link CRM

The law

Sources of law

Normality of law

Effect of law on regular people

Effect of law on attorneys

How law is supposed to work

How law actually works

Legal education

Cynicism and disillusionment

Expert witnesses



ADR providers

Law enforcement

The practice of law

How law practice should work

How law practice actually works

The four-tier model of law firms

Financial requirements for starting a law firm

Checklist for starting a law firm

Office space

Developing business opportunities

Marketing and public relations

Yelp/Avvo reviews


Potential clients

Actual clients

Retaining clients

Billing clients

Managing cash flow

Banking and financial matters

Best practices for profitability

Law clerks

Contract attorneys



A review of typical attorney career trajectories

Elderly attorneys

Information technology

Service providers/vendors

Delivering value to clients

Responsiveness and timeliness

Social opportunities

Managing workflow

Leveraging technology and software

Actually practicing law

The pre-lawsuit investigation

Filing a case

Filing and opposing motions


Discovery disputes

Handling trials


Post-judgment motions


Concluding a client's case

My love/hate relationship with the law


Law school

0-3 year associate

4-7 year associate

8-11 year solo/contractor

12+ year law firm owner

Future prospects

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