A prototype for a secure cyber distribution system using exclusively client-side crypto with no stored passphrases. Serpent/OCB/Skein with RSA key exchange. Ideal for connections of questionable security. Also, each user only has to remember his own passphrase and can use a new key for each session if desired.

Current version: Prototype 0.9.5 2015-09-29
Mode: Paranoid
User type: Free


  1. B wants to communicate with A.
  2. B requests a public key from A.
  3. A generates a public/private key pair using a passphrase of his choice.
  4. B uses A's public key to encrypt B's passphrase.
  5. B uses B's passphrase to encrypt B's message to A.
  6. B sends the encrypted text and B's encrypted passphrase to A.
  7. A decrypts B's passphrase with A's private key.
  8. A decrypts B's message with B's passphrase.

Pass Phrase A:

e ∈ {3,5,17,257,65537} hex:{3,5,11,1001,10001}

Key A:





Pass Phrase B:

Plain Text:

Key B:

Plain Text - ascii hex:

Key B Cipher:

Cipher Text:

Nonce: Encrypt Tag:

Decrypt Plain Text:

Decrypt Key B Plain Text:

Decrypt Plain Text - ascii hex:

Nonce: Decrypt Tag: