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Sat, 14 Oct 2023 05:51:12 -0700
Andy from private IP
The merits of an online Hall of Shame
As some here know, I host an online Hall of Shame for informational and
entertainment purposes: https://www.andrewwatters.com/hall-of-shame/

The general intention behind my Hall of Shame is to document and deter horrible
behavior that is far beyond what should be acceptable in society.  Entries in my
Hall of Shame include a fake telecom company, a crazy ex who is now in Federal
prison, a crazy attorney, a slum lord, and a RICO-type criminal organization
that defrauds people.

The cool thing about the Hall of Shame is that I get maybe one or two calls a
month from people who thank me for warning them about the subjects of my posts. 
So I know I'm making a difference.  There are a lot of hits on all the pages,
with no particular favorite emerging.  The only sad thing about it is that I am
one of the few who can say the truth fearlessly due to having my own law firm
available to crush any SLAPP lawsuits.

If I didn't have my own law firm, I wouldn't be taking the risk of calling out
people for their bad behavior.  I wish more people could engage in free speech
in this fashion.  Discuss.
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