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Mon, 20 Nov 2023 06:00:53 -0800

Andy from private IP /all Reflections on social media I feel so much better after purging my social media, and I think this time will be the last time. Facebook was a toxic environment for me, in which most of the algorithmically curated posts in my timeline were negative and from people I had no connection to. Facebook is a prime example of platform decay, also known as "enshittification." Instagram was not much better, and was worse in some respects. Instagram was jarring because my feed was a fusion of photos of impossibly attractive women interspersed with horrific accidents and industrial tragedies. The juxtaposition of hardbodied babes and videos of fatal accidents was not good. Although I hate LinkedIn, as a lawyer I have to be on there or I look weird, so I'm on there. I wish there were a platform I could hang out on and have a positive experience, but there just isn't. I took the best course of action for me, which is declining the popular social media platforms and trying to improve opportunities in the real world. I end up having more time; didn't realize how much time I was wasting scrolling through social media. At least on my website, I have an outlet that when published isn't appearing next to some stupid prank video or cat video. And without being on Reddit, I have no toxic commenters and no platform for haters to troll me. My current effort is driving more traffic to my website, which is not currently a problem because I feel like I have some good articles and tutorials that draw people, plus the law firm page of course. I need to reimagine that at some point, perhaps over the last week or two of December for a launch in the New Year. Meanwhile, this new and improved JDU is a nice and convenient outlet. I look forward to it gaining more traction in the future.
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