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Wed, 24 Jan 2024 11:11:45 -0800

avalanchediode from private IP /all Nikki Haley Don’t women know when to give up. _reply Wed, 24 Jan 2024 11:14:16 -0800
Andy from private IP /all Haha. This one doesn't. What a futile, wasteful effort for her to continue. _reply Wed, 24 Jan 2024 17:28:42 -0800
zerosugar from private IP /all I wonder what her endgame is tbh. Is she delusional enough to think she has a chance or just trying to get publicity? I cannot understand why she would continue at this point. _reply Wed, 24 Jan 2024 17:34:03 -0800
moisture2 from private IP /all Trump is 77. Shes probably hoping he keels over and dies while shes campaigning. _reply Wed, 24 Jan 2024 19:12:22 -0800
Blee from private IP /all It's good strategy. Better than 50-50 Trump gets the nomination. But he's geriatric, in serious legal trouble and going through some cognitive decline. There's a non-negligible chance he just doesn't make it to the finish line, and she has a decent chance merely as the last person standing.
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