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Fri, 26 Jan 2024 07:46:51 -0800

Andy from private IP /all Head janitor impressions Even with 20 users so far, there is a substantial amount of activity on the new JDU. I'm happy overall with the direction it's going-- true to form, there is a lot of off-topic material. One request: I think posts that are not about law or that are parodies of other posts, clickbait, or similar, should be in /thunderdome. I moved several over there this morning and I'm comfortable with that. It would be cool if the posts got links that show they have been moved, so I will have to figure out that feature. Any requests or comments? _reply Fri, 26 Jan 2024 08:58:44 -0800
avalanchediode from private IP /all I tried to put one in the Thunderdome, but it went to /all _reply Fri, 26 Jan 2024 08:59:37 -0800
Andy from private IP /all You currently have to select the forum on the dropdown menu every time-- I'm working on a solution for that.
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