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Sun, 28 Jan 2024 05:55:19 -0800

Andy from private IP /all Best CLE provider In case anyone needs a recommendation, I think LexVid is the best all-around CLE provider. Their California package lets you knock out all 25 hours by selecting from their extensive playlist, which indicates which categories the videos are in. I like how user ratings/reviews of the videos are displayed, so you only have to watch the top-rated videos if you like. Every so often, their technology checks to see if you are really watching, but that's better than having to write down codes on the screen or other old-school methods of verification. Best $99 I ever spent on CLE. The only annoying thing is that sometimes they film a CLE from a classroom setting, and you can't hear the questions asked by the audience. So when the audience asks a question and the speaker doesn't repeat the question like they always should, you have a gap in information. Otherwise, no complaints. This isn't an ad; I'm recommending LexVid because it's what I've found that works best for me. https://www.lexvid.com/california-mcle
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