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Sat, 03 Feb 2024 23:46:22 -0800

zerosugar from private IP /all danny masterson what do posters think of the danny masterson case? _reply Sun, 04 Feb 2024 08:04:40 -0800
Andy from private IP /all I don't mean to diminish his crimes or their impact. But the Danny Masterson case has all the hallmarks of bandwagon justice. If this had happened before the #MeToo movement or if he were not a successful actor, it would be just another routine case and he would have gotten a lot less prison time. I'm concerned about double standards and two justice systems, one for regular people and one for famous people. _reply Sun, 04 Feb 2024 08:13:54 -0800
Andy from private IP /all This reminds me of Tom Wolfe's The Bonfire of the Vanities. In that book, a successful stockbroker is charged with a hit and run by an overzealous D.A. as "the Great White Defendant," just to prove the D.A. is serious about injustice. It's a great read about bandwagon justice. _reply Sun, 04 Feb 2024 13:15:29 -0800
zerosugar from private IP /all I agree entirely. I also do not diminish his crimes and how the Church of Scientology tried to discourage reports of abuse, but to give such lengthy sentences for non homicide crimes and crimes that do not involve minors sets a scary precedent. I also thought one of the victims was his gf. Not saying rape cannot happen within a romantic relationship, but very different dynamic than a 50 year old pedophile hanging out at the playground. While Larry Nassar should never see a patient again and definitely deserved some time in prison, I also think given him life was crazy. He didn’t even have sex with any of the gymnasts. The judge in Nassar’s case was also interesting. _reply Sun, 04 Feb 2024 13:19:01 -0800
zerosugar from private IP /all *giving The thing about Nassar’s case was the judge sort of acted like an advocate for the victims in many of her statements. Not sure how comfortable I am with a judge taking on such a role. _reply Sun, 04 Feb 2024 13:29:05 -0800
zerosugar from private IP /all While I never watched that 70s show, I remember having classmates who were addicted to it and would talk about it nonstop. Naturally, I would catch it from time to time if somebody else was watching it. Seeing somebody from a show that was so iconic to the millennial generation get sentenced in a such a manner in such a way is truly crazy. I do remember liking Masterson’s wife Bijou Phillips. Old money blonde chick who was in some sleazy roles. _reply Sun, 04 Feb 2024 13:59:53 -0800
Andy from private IP /all She's already headed for her next husband after divorcing Masterson, which certainly makes sense in this scenario, but these things happened so many years ago. Obviously Masterson is a scumbag, but does he really deserve to go to prison for life with the trial happening two decades after he committed these crimes?
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