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Sun, 04 Feb 2024 18:24:25 -0800

FINDCJ from private IP /all GOLD!!!!!1111111111111111111111111111 Ok. It’s taken longer than I imagined and envisioned. That said, I was right in 2009 and I am right in 2024. WE HAVE BEEN BETRAYED!!! We WILL go through the Gates of the 4th Turning soon enough. 🙏 Got gold? _reply Sun, 04 Feb 2024 18:31:23 -0800
Andy from private IP /all Haha, welcome back! _reply Sun, 04 Feb 2024 19:27:25 -0800
Blee from private IP /all I believe you. After all, you were so correct with these predictions: 1) The Dow will crack 5000 and unless 'The Bezzle' is expunged [there need to be SERIOUS prosecutions - maybe even as high as Hank Paulson],..we WILL see 1000 on the DOW,...and 200 on the S&P. 2) New York Housing Prices will go down 50% from here. You only need to look at Case-schiller to see this eventuality. 3) U-6 Job numbers will go to 20% 4) The dollar will crash and go to 30 or 40. http://jessel.100megsfree3.com/dx.png 5) One ounze of gold will buy you one share of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. If the DOW cracks to 3000,..gold will go to 3000. If the DOW rallies to 12,000,....[hyperinflation]...so will gold. 6) The Federal Reserve will be abolished [10 years time though]. 7) Blee loses his job.
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