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Wed, 07 Feb 2024 04:29:49 -0800

FINDCJ from private IP /all ☠️ Ooops,….. I accidentally poisoned myself ☠️ https://www.zerohedge.com/medical/mrna-covid-19-vaccines-caused-more-deaths-saved-study Well not me to be honest,…but all u statist bootlickers 🥾 👅 4 sure!!! And you’d do it again. Why? Because u r zombie sheep 🐑 I tried to warn u!!111111 We Are at War!!!!! _reply Wed, 07 Feb 2024 08:01:42 -0800
Blee from private IP /all Yes, but fortunately zerohedge is a short acting poison. Just ignore it for 48 hours and you'll feel better. Believing anything published in Cureus though, that's more concerning. Come on Ceej, Cureus is a pay-to-publish wiki journal. They'd "peer review" and publish you if you wrote a big enough check. _reply Wed, 07 Feb 2024 08:02:20 -0800
Andy from private IP /all You guys are so cute with your online feud. _reply Wed, 07 Feb 2024 08:05:50 -0800
Blee from private IP /all Yeah admittedly it's a tired bit at this point. He is a silly fellow though, I'll give him that. _reply Wed, 07 Feb 2024 08:14:54 -0800
FINDCJ from private IP /all @blee So you really are in denial? Nevermind, the excess mortality, the increase in cancer, the increased media presence of ‘died suddenly’, the increase in heart attacks? You really believe truly believe those 2 years of masks and social distancing and lock downs were for public health? Uh 😒 ok 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 💉☠️💉☠️💉☠️💉☠️💉 _reply Wed, 07 Feb 2024 08:17:24 -0800
FINDCJ from private IP /all @blee And I concede my silliness but ….Im a PATRIOt!!! And not a statist bootlicker like urself. 🥾 👅 At the end of the day. 🙏 _reply Wed, 07 Feb 2024 08:17:28 -0800
Blee from private IP /all You're silly. Your sources are about as reliable as a Dr. Seuss book though, so I suppose that makes sense. _reply Wed, 07 Feb 2024 08:20:43 -0800
FINDCJ from private IP /all @blee U could have just replied “yes CJ,…I plan to live in denial about the ticking time bomb 💣 I injected into my bloodstream” _reply Wed, 07 Feb 2024 13:41:55 -0800
FINDCJ from private IP /all NEW ARTICLE: mRNA Injury stories - Australian academic lawyer Dr.John Woodward heaped abuse on the unvaccinated (including Novak Djokovic) and cheered vax mandates. He is now dying of Turbo Brain Cancer (glioblastoma) "My brain biopsy is done and the results are in. I have a Grade 4, irreversible and untreatable tumour which will kill me in 12-15 months" University of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia - Dr.John Woodward, an academic lawyer made this announcement on Twitter on June 21, 2023. Let's rewind: March 13, 2022: "The Truth is that Djokovic: 1. Was not vaccinated and 2. Did not have a valid exemption from being vaccinated. It follows that he was not entitled to be here and he was lawfully and rightly deported" Aug.22, 2021: "Fully vaccinated now thank goodness. Forever grateful for the marvels of modern medicine". Why is @John_woodward1 story so important? Future generations will study how mild mannered and otherwise clever academics like Dr.Woodward became such brain dead propagandists and promoters of medical fascism and medical segregation. He wrote on Aug.14, 2021: "Employees' rights not to be vaccinated have to be balanced against employers' obligations to provide a safe working place, which is not if you have unvaccinated people working alongside you" Dr.Woodward is 100% wrong here. Unvaccinated workers were the safest at any work site, as almost all had natural immunity which was by far the strongest type of immunity. Vaccinated workers had mRNA Vaccine Induced damaged immune systems, were 2-3x more likely to catch COVID-19, had high viral loads due to inability to clear the virus, were often superspreaders of the virus, and created new mutations and variants that drove future pandemic waves. They were "unsafe" for other vaccinated workers at the workplace, especially for the 12 months after their last jab during which immune damage was severe. Furthermore, you cannot force anyone to take a medical procedure against their will. There is no "balancing" someone's right to refuse a medical procedure versus an employer providing a "safe environment". All COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates were illegal, regardless of Court rulings by corrupt judges. In the end, I wish him well, and I hope his mind is awakened. I am grateful that he was open and honest about how he viewed the unvaccinated - even if he doesn’t learn any lessons in this life, his tragic story will have taught many others around the world. The academics were the easiest to brainwash, they readily accepted and absorbed all the propaganda and their egos prevented them from course correcting at any point. Most of them headed straight off a cliff. And were none the wiser, as their lives were shortened. _reply Wed, 07 Feb 2024 17:16:19 -0800
FINDCJ from private IP /all Nothing to see here. Move along,…move along. https://www.instagram.com/diedsuddenlyworldwide?igsh=dDExZW81N3FqbHg4 _reply Wed, 07 Feb 2024 23:22:12 -0800
shithead from private IP /all CJ U R A POWERFUL GENIE
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