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Sat, 10 Feb 2024 01:10:02 -0800

Andy from private IP /all 🙋🏻‍♂️Welcome Moo_Sharpton and Giuseppe @Moo_SharptonTest, is your handle a reference to the Reverend Al Sharpton? That's why I assigned you the password I did...perennial candidates like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson can be hilarious, or sad, or both. @GiuseppeTest, are you really Italian or is that just a joke? Depending on your ethnic background, I think you and @zerosugarTest will get along great! Haha. _reply Sat, 10 Feb 2024 01:14:19 -0800
Andy from private IP /all Moo's avatar depends on the answer to my question. The current one is Al Sharpton riding a cow...lol. Giuseppe's avatar is Mario, which turned out perfectly on the first try, in my opinion. _reply Sat, 10 Feb 2024 04:59:40 -0800
zerosugar from private IP /all Oh it’s likely one of those two posters who created the handle to further make jokes of Italians. If I did the same and made jokes about their ethnicity, I would be considered a racist though. Italians are such easy targets for cowards to attack because sadly there are no consequences. _reply Sat, 10 Feb 2024 05:02:53 -0800
zerosugar from private IP /all Even Mario is a wrong avatar. It sends the message like the one poster said that we are all blue collared. Indians fought to get Apu removed from the Simpsons, but the fact that Mario is still allowed to exist is problematic. Also why doesn’t this person just come out and say what they need to say to me. No need to hide behind handles. I am still proud of who I am. _reply Sat, 10 Feb 2024 05:03:06 -0800
Andy from private IP /all You're right-- turns out Giuseppe registered from a Tor exit node with a disposable email. I'll drop them for now. Thanks for looking out. _reply Sat, 10 Feb 2024 05:04:00 -0800
zerosugar from private IP /all The fact that Fat Tony still exists on the Simpsons is so problematic. Also while I consider myself Caucasian, it’s obvious other whites do not consider me white. Hence, society should consider their insults against people of Italian origin, the same as they would consider insults towards other groups. _reply Sat, 10 Feb 2024 05:08:38 -0800
Andy from private IP /all I don't normally make fun of any ethnic groups except the #Irish for their heavy drinking and imperviousness to psychoanalysis. Why shouldn't #Italians be the subject of similar jokes? _reply Sat, 10 Feb 2024 05:19:23 -0800
zerosugar from private IP /all The thing is Irish are rarely made fun of in the USA. In fact, America is the only place they can pose as aristocrats. Richard Nixon made some off color jokes about them, but that’s about it. Nobody ever questions the race of the Irish or makes insinuations they are another race. Not that there is anything wrong with being African, but DNA tests done by a large number of pure Italians has proven that theory is just not true. Benjamin Franklin once even called Germans and Swedes “sons of Africa,” simply because they were new immigrants to places such as Pennsylvania and because they didn’t have a Fitzpatrick 1 skin tone. Even cultured Americans and other people think Italy is just olive oil, pasta, pizza, and mafia. I’m sick of hearing about vacations to Lake Como or the Amalfi Coast. I’m sick of always being asked if I’m Sicilian by Americans, like if Sicilian is the only Italian identity they know. Then if I mention another southern region, they try to say those regions were the Kingdom of Sicily too. Well guess what? Many northern regions were part of Kingdom of Sardinia. Today, those regions have zero to do with Sardinia and even historically, it was a trivial name ultimately because all regions have their own history. There is even a large difference in identity from coastal areas versus mountainous areas. My mom was born in a mountain town which was isolated from the rest of the region.
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