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Wed, 14 Feb 2024 11:59:09 -0800

Andy from private IP /all My law firm has the greatest law firm break room in the world 🍱 🍸 🍺 🥤🍷🍹 We have everything a small law firm could want, which encourages people to be productive while also having a little fun at work: 1. True commercial fridge/visual merchandiser displaying a large variety of beverages, plus gourmet microwaveable lunches in case anyone wants to eat lunch at the office. 2. Nespresso machine and steamer for anyone who wants espresso or regular coffee. 3. Commercial four-position toaster for bagels and toast. 4. Commercial microwave. 5. Industrial air scrubber to knock out those lunch smells that would otherwise permeate the office. 6. Macintosh Plus stocked with 1980s-era games for people to play. 7. Full bar and glassware. Proof: https://www.andrewwatters.com/law/office/tour.mp4 There is no room for improvement; this is simply perfection. 💯 The only other thing I still need in my office is an arcade machine, which I was going to get but which just didn't happen. I will destroy anyone at Street Fighter II: Champion Edition. That's the one I wanted, which is currently filed under "some day." #Alcohol #LawFirm _reply Wed, 14 Feb 2024 12:20:26 -0800
moisture2 from private IP /all Still prefer WFH and digital nomadying. _reply Wed, 14 Feb 2024 12:37:37 -0800
moisture2 from private IP /all Bro, TBH, that sounds like every depressing break room at every big corp I ever worked at before the pandemic. The kitchen always smelled of chemicals and sadness, everyone was overweight, lonely, and depressed, bigcorp always made the employees participate in forced fun, tl;dr, it was awful and depressing. People in the US are on drugs, unhealthy, and committing suicide at an increased rate because of such god awful environments. _reply Wed, 14 Feb 2024 12:37:37 -0800
Andy from private IP /all I live ten minutes from my office, and due to the creature comforts, I can actually focus and get a lot of billable hours done here. I get nothing billable done when working from home. This is as good as law firm work gets, no joke. _reply Wed, 14 Feb 2024 12:39:34 -0800
Andy from private IP /all @moisture2Test It could be a lot worse than this. I could be slaving away in a crappy law firm's cubicle making 1/10th as much money with nothing except a 2001-era computer. This is the way. _reply Wed, 14 Feb 2024 12:39:38 -0800
moisture2 from private IP /all The SF2 champion's edition arcade is credited.
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