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Fri, 08 Mar 2024 21:33:30 -0800

Andy from private IP /all White collar defense matter, advice please Prospective clients' homes and offices were raided by the FBI. Other than the obvious, which is that I can only get paid with clean money, what should I do? First rodeo in federal criminal court, lol. #LawFirm _reply Fri, 08 Mar 2024 21:36:03 -0800
Andy from private IP /all This is some Twilight Zone stuff right here. Shaking my head that I will end up live-blogging this one on my own bulletin board. _reply Sat, 09 Mar 2024 06:36:08 -0800
Wily from private IP /all Probably watch Season 5 of Better Call Saul and do what Jimmy does for Lalo Salamanca _reply Sat, 09 Mar 2024 08:55:15 -0800
zerosugar from private IP /all If the client has sources of clean money, then I wouldn’t worry. I do know of an attorney here who had problems, but it wasn’t white color crime. They were paid by a drug dealer. This may be good experience for you, but I can also see why you would be hesitant to take the case. Maybe ask some colleagues in the area who have represented clients in federal criminal court. I personally don’t like criminal cases. When I was studying for bar, criminal procedure was the hardest topic for me and even in law school. I just didn’t get it. Civil procedure seemed much more straight forward to me and I liked that the rules are sort of a blue print for going to war. Then you can win money too if you have a slam dunk case. As long as you aren’t holding property in collateral or anything like that. Maximum client can say a family member gave them money for attorneys fees. Maybe start focusing on civil cases that you think will settle outside of court, i.e. rape cases. In my opinion, that’s where money is in California given they changed the SOL there. _reply Sat, 09 Mar 2024 08:56:43 -0800
zerosugar from private IP /all Cases that settle in mediation will bring you good money with little worries. _reply Sat, 09 Mar 2024 10:29:55 -0800
Andy from private IP /all The clients hired me. I'm not sure what else I can or should disclose on here. Will know more in the near future. _reply Wed, 13 Mar 2024 07:20:14 -0700
Andy from private IP /all This is a really interesting case and I'm not sure what will happen. That's all I can say right now. Lol. _reply Fri, 15 Mar 2024 09:08:41 -0700
Andy from private IP /all I will say that I recycled my JDU code to create a private discussion board for this group of clients, so that we can avoid all the group texts and emails and preserve information security. BALLER.
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